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asked Aug 31, 2021 in Editing by mikemxlxt (150 points)
Hello! My name is Mike, I'm a sound producer from Russia, I just recently moved to studio one, I really like everything. what are you doing, and I would like to help you get closer to your audience and users, I would like to ask you to consider my suggested tips for improving the best DAW in my opinion, I will describe my wishes below and I really hope that you will consider these suggestions!

1) Please add the Dry/Wet button to control the intermediate values of the mono and stereo component of the track (for example, as in FL Studio)

2) Please edit the midi clips in the arrangement window in such a way that when cutting, the cut-off section of the midi does not become empty, but is transformed into a new midi event (again, as an example, editing the midi in FL Studio)

3) Please make the editing of Fade-in\Fade-out in your (Sample One\Impact) samplers visually displayed

4) When using the Scale mode in Piano Roll, please make it possible to disable the exclusion of notes that do not participate in the selected key.

5) Please make the volume slider of the track more readable, it is possible to make it a little wider

6) Please make it possible to select the incoming signal when recording to an audio track, the recording function from all channels at the same time ( for example, as in Ableton resampling mode)

This is all the wishes at the moment, I will add to the list as I master it, because I recently started working in studio one. I apologize in advance for possible inaccurate wording in the description. because you have to use a translator in some cases. Thank you very much for your attention, all the best and further development!

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