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sound from games/youtube come really loud over my mic input

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asked Sep 1, 2021 in Revelator Series by wilco-popcorner (140 points)
Hey everyone,  ihave a question. I just got my Revelator and when I try to set it up in Streamlabs obs and then listen to something from youtube my mic 1/2 (revelator) has a much higher output then HP Out L/R (Revelator). So from some reason I get sound over my microphone when I am not talking and it is louder then the actual output. I am using headphones which make it really weird.
And also I can not find 1 video about how to set it up correctly inside Streamlabs OBS.
Any one of you have any idea what the problem is that I am having?

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answered Jan 27, 2022 by tonykeat (180 points)
Not exactly sure what you mean by "sound over microphone" but maybe your youtube should be set on one of the virtual channels.  IDK, I don't understand the description.

Streamlabs setup after firmware update: Streamlabs > Settings > Audio > MIC/Auxilary Device 1 > Stream Mic A L/R (Revelator IO 24)

Then control everything from the Revelator software.