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My Relavator Dynamic Mic on an iPhone 13 Pro will only record on the left side.

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asked Jan 5 in Revelator Series by richkirkpatrick (160 points)
My iPhone 13 pro is on iOS 16.2 and when I use camera app, voice message, app, and all standard apps like Instagram, only the LEFT side is recording audio. When I use GarageBand, I can select "input " rather than "input1+2" but that is only native in GarageBand. How do I get the Relevator Dynamic mic to work for basic vlogging or videos, etc??

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answered Jan 12 by richkirkpatrick (160 points)

When I rebooted everything, the mic works on both sides one time. Then it goes back to Left Side only. Could this be an iOS issue? Or, what else can I do?