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Revelator io24 | Mute mic due to monitor speaker feedback / Monitor mic only through headphones

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asked Nov 9, 2021 in Revelator Series by christopherkakerow (350 points)

I'm wondering, if there is a good way to output my mic only to my headphones but not the monitor speakers, as they are in the same room and thus cause feedback. I still want the playback to be audible via headphones and speaker.

I can think of solutions like:
- mute my mic, when unmuting the speakers (which is quite annoying when done often, especially as there is no physical mic mute option.)
- mute the mic in the main mix in the software. Then monitor mix B, where mic and playback are audible, with headphones (problem here: headphone monitoring resets to main mix after the interface is powered down. So you have to go into the software every time to change that.)

(Also it's kinda annoying that the interface doesn't remember after poweroff wether stream mix, input mute or headphone monitoring was active.)

Maybe I'm overseeing something, but otherwise it would be nice to somehow implement this feature with an update in one of the mentioned ways :)

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answered Dec 2, 2021 by josephskinner3 (350 points)
Why didn't the engineers add the ability to mute the mic? They are thinking about streamers but what about working with Studio One their own software? Why would I want my mic hot while listening to mix playback through monitors? This is a horrible design flaw.
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answered Mar 2, 2022 by giacobbinopozzo (520 points)
Totally agree on this ! We need a way to mute the mic or to natively remove it from the speaker output.
This should be taken into consideration with the new io44 anyway, cuz some people are going to be using the outputs for their speakers and others are going to use them to send back the mic to their gaming PC.
So there should be a speakers mix and a headphones mix. Or at least a way to switch between mic only/mix without mic and both.
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answered Mar 21, 2022 by anthonygraham2 (180 points)
On the io44 there's still an issue.

I use the main output for speakers and I've muted the Mic in the main mix in universal control, but during computer start up the mic channel isn't muted, it mutes after the computer has started up, after deafening me for several seconds with feedback as I scramble for the speaker volume control, it really should remember mute settings in the hardware :/
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answered May 3, 2022 by franciscojaviermurillorojo (170 points)
I agree on that. I would love to be able to remap the mute button to mute the mic, it would be really useful in my case with MS Teams.
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answered May 24, 2022 by michaelincavo (270 points)
Agreed, mute button assignability is totally critical to this product in my view. As a streamer-focused interface, many users will not use the speaker outs. But everyone can use an elegant, lit, hardware mute button for their mic. This button needs to be software-assignable to mute either output, the mic or even all of those at once.
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answered Mar 29 by AutumnC6238 (140 points)
Hate to necro a topic, but this is the first google result for this problem so i figured it deserved a proper answer, especially since this seems like something they don't plan on adding.

There is a way to do this cleanly, but it does mean having to use one of your stream mixes (but who uses more than one really).

First plug your speakers into your computers audio out's, headphones into the revelator.

Then create a stream mix where the mic is muted but the playback channel isn't. This stream mix will be what gets sent to your speakers.

Second go into the windows sound control panel, the legacy one not the new one. Find the stream mix input device that corresponds to the stream mix we just created. Under properties of the device go to the listen tab. Check listen to device and select the playback device to be your computers audio output (in my case it was realtek audio).

With this we are essentially "monitoring"  stream mix 2 with our speakers, and stream mix 2 doesn't have any mic mixed in. Your headphones are still plugged into the interface.

As for a mute button you can create a preset that mutes all noise using the gate feature, save that as preset 2 and then activate it using the preset button to mute your mic, hit it again to unmute. This isn't very reliable as the indicator for what preset you're using isnt very clear (imo it should be at the bottom). Alternatively you could use a software solution like video conference mute from powertoys or one of the mic mute streamdeck plugins. I really do wish the mute button could be configured to mute the microphone tho :(