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Can I record using a Steinberg UR12 USB interface with Studio One?

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asked Sep 6 in Studio One 5 by ronbets (130 points)

I have a Steinberg UR12 audio interface.  If I turn it on, the Start button won't actually start playing anything, although it turns green, even if I have existing tracks.  I can add the UR12 as an input and/or output device, set the UR12 as input for a track and arm it for recording, but clicking the Record button does nothing.  The drivers are freshly re-installed and the UR12 works perfectly with GarageBand. If I have clicked the Start or Record buttons and then turn the UR12 off, the cursor starts moving and tracks start playing and recording (of course the recording is getting nothing, but it is moving).

I was hoping that Studio One could replace GB as my DAW, but that is less likely if I need to invest in new gear just to try it out.

I'm running Studio One Prime 5.2.63799 on Mac OS 11.5.2 (Big Sur).

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