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Loopback Test from Gregor doesn't work

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asked Aug 9 in Studio One 5 by giuseppetria (1,220 points)


I've been trying to replicate Gregor's Loopback Test but so far I've had no luck with it.

I've connected the output to the input of my interface. To be precise, Output 3 to Input 2.
Then, in my I/O Setup, I created a mono input, using Input 2 (and I get the 'used' dot sign to let me know it is being used). For the output then, I created another Mono output using Output 3 (but I don't get the 'used' dot sign here).
I think the problem is right there, but I can't find a solution.

Also, If I do Gregor's exact steps, I re-record the sample in Test Sine and I don't get anything in the recording. It is just silent.

I'm using a focurite 18i20 3rd Gen.

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