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now time is offset from time!

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asked Sep 18 in PreSonus Sphere Feature Requests by jayhlane (940 points)
The new Time Offset feature offsets timecode from incoming timecode! (I guess someone might need that) it seems correct when played internally, for instance bar one starting at one hour in, or any selected time offset, but when slaving to tape Time is offset from incoming Time! ( 01:00:00.00 is now 02:00:00.00 ) Can we get a simple  Bar "_"  starts at timecode "_"  feature?


related to an answer for: SMPTE time offset please!

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answered Sep 18 by jayhlane (940 points)
or as in Cubase "Set timecode at cursor"
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answered Sep 18 by jayhlane (940 points)
ah found it! Set bar offset at cursor haha never mind!!! thanks