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Bug with Studio One 5.4!!! Audition Notes Problem in Piano Roll

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asked Sep 18, 2021 in Studio One 5 by andrewzhong (340 points)
When I input a note on piano roll with the mouse, I can only hear a very short note audition. it's terrible when I edit some instrument like bass or strings

On 5.3 version, I can hear all the note clearly on piano roll.

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answered Mar 13, 2023 by tone40 (180 points)
I'm having this problem too.  All of a sudden.  Not sure if I clicked something, etc...  but don't know how to get back to normal. I'm using Studio One 6
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answered Mar 13, 2023 by tone40 (180 points)
OK  I figured it out.  I unsintalled Studio One 6.  Then basically deleted every folder that had "Presonus" and "Studio One" on my HD. (after backing up my songs and soundbanks of course)

I rebooted.

Then reinstalled.  

Everything is back to normal.

So I don't know what folder or setting it was that was the culprit, but it is fixed.