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Popping and crackling in AudioBox 96, sometimes tries to change sample rate (unsure why?)

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asked Sep 30, 2021 in AudioBox USB by chrisbrooks13 (200 points)
Hi folks,

Having an issue with my AudioBox 96 USB interface. Had it for over a year now and everything has been great thus far.

However, unplugged everything a few days ago so that I could open up my PC case to clean it and blow some dust out. After putting it all back together and plugging everything back in, seems like the AB 96 has never been quite right since.

It crackles and pops now randomly, after different times. It will sometimes run fine for about two hours and then it happens again. Have done an uninstall and reinstalled the drivers, switched over to different USB ports and it still persists. The ports I'm using are both 2.0 ports and have tried other devices on them to rule out the possibility of a dodgy USB.

The intermittent pops are the same ones that happen when the sample rate is changed in Universal Control, so anytime this happens I open that up to check, low and behold it's somehow trying to switch itself to 48kHz all the time, despite being set at 44.1 initially in UC and on Windows own sound device settings.

How do I stop this? It's happening more so on games than with anything else but does happen on Ableton now too :(

Cheers if anyone can help!

Chris :)

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