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Sometimes AudioBox iTwo device sample rate 96 kHz changes down to 44.1 kHz when I start StudioOne

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asked Jan 28, 2017 in AudioBox USB by piotrpluta (630 points)

Can't really say why and when, but sometimes when I start StudioOne the device sample rates changes down to 44.1 kHz and gets locked there, despite having fixed it at 96 kHz in Universal Control (I'm using Windows); other times, it stays at 96 kHz. Now, I'm not talking about the song sample rate, I can set it up to 96 kHz, but it won't do any good if the device is clocked at 44.1 kHz...

Why is StudioOne overriding this setting?

Lenovo T440s, Windows 10, StudioOne Artist Win x64, AudioBox iTwo Universal Control v1.32,

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answered Feb 17, 2017 by paulclarke2 (27,400 points)
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Your AudioBox will synch to the Sampling Rate of the software which it is being utilised for. In Studio One if you go to Song >> Song Setup >> General, then change the Sample Rate and hit Apply, the same Sample Rate will now be reflected in Universal Control.