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How to add more than one keysiwtches in sound variation lane?

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asked Oct 8, 2021 in Studio One 5 by Nothingness (1,440 points)
I found that I can add only one keyswitch in sound variation lane. But I saw some people added more than one on Youtube. None of them explain how to do it though.

How do I do that?

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answered Dec 10, 2022 by Jer (270 points)

You can use more than one sound variation at a time, even though they may not appear in variations bar.  For example, here is a screenshot of two variations being used at the same time: "Long Pad" and "Glissando.FX".

Simply select the notes in the editor you want to use the different sound variation, right click on them, and choose "Apply Sound Variation" this case the "Long Pad" on just the one note (G3), the short notes (C4,D4,E4) use "Glissando FX".

If you don't see the sound variations in the menu, you may need to configure the sound variation in the left hand side of the editor menu (see below). Click the wrench icon next to "Sound Variation", and then choose the matching variations in the popup dialog.