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Adding Negative Track Delay to Sound Variations [Duplicate]

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asked Feb 16 in Sound Variations by richcresswell1 (3,210 points)

Please watch for further explaination: 

Aside from my mumblings this is the feature request in short: 

Negative track delay applied to sound variations;


  • The ability to properly align sampled sounds in much the same way a real player would.
  • Make it easier to blend libraries when that is needed. 
  • Reduce the number of tracks/instruments to accommodate for different articulations requiring different offsets. 
  • Give contributors to the exchange the ability to share these sound variations with the negative delays.
  • Shake up the industry. 
  • Put more eyes on Studio One as a compositional tool. 
  • Do something that no one else has done.

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answered Apr 17 by dominikschiller (2,170 points)
It is rather sad that this isn't a high priority for the majority. This would help composers immensely and others who like a clean representation of what was played as well.

At the moment Digital Performer 11 seems to be the only competitor that has implemented this (wherefore it is still highly regarded by composers).

Perhaps with time, this will be common functionality in all DAWs. For now, there appears to be no other way than a huge template with separated tracks for articulations.
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answered May 4 by seanmarholm (520 points)
Let's try to sum up all track delay requests on this one so we get more upvotes and developer attention.

I would like to add: An option to set Track Delay in samples (not just milliseconds)

It would be great if you could change the title to a broader general request
Maybe something like...
"ADD MORE TRACK DELAY OPTIONS: Negative Track Delay to Sound Variations + Set the value in Samples + Other" ?
It's just a suggestion...

I will post on other Track Delay-related requests to bring people here and get more upvotes!