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FaderPort 2018 will not update to 3.44

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asked Jun 11, 2021 in FaderPort 2018 by matthewhadlock (130 points)
Odd issue here. I downloaded the latest version of Universal Control. When connected my faderport 2018 shows its on firmware version 3.01. When I click update it runs through the update, the lights cycle on the faderport and it gets to the "switch off and on" dialog box. On the faderport itself the lights stop cycling and the "shift" light starts blinking. I click ok and switch the unit off and back on again. When it pops up in UC it still shows the 3.01 version. I have tried to load the default firmware by holding down "Prev" on startup and pressing "read" but that did not fix the issue of the firmware not loading. Any idea what is going on here?

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