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Pattern Management: Edit/Preview existing Patterns

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asked Oct 28, 2021 in Patterns by realto619 (540 points)
edited Oct 28, 2021 by realto619

For the most part, working with Patterns is a great improvement over most DAW's approaches (if they even have one). 

But one area where it's lacking is a way to Preview and/or Edit existing patterns without having it affect the current song. 

  • Other programs that I've used offer both Pattern and Song modes and allow you to toggle back and forth.
  • Pattern mode is completely independent of the current song and allows you to listen to and make changes to existing patterns without having any pattern you select replace the one at the current point in the song.. 
  • Song mode would be the way it works right now.

If this option currently exists, I haven't seen it. If so, please advise! 

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