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Running videos and backing tracks

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asked Nov 14 in Show Page by Scardanelli (2,260 points)
Working on a multi-media theatre project and I'm going to need to run backing tracks as well as instrument tracks and most importantly videos - some of which will cross timelines of songs.

I know the Show page is not able to run videos - and a quick Google didn't give me any hints as to a wonder app that would do this. You can add a button in MainStage to trigger another app to run video, so I suppose that's one solution - does anyone have any other ideas for how this can be achieved? There must be some all-in-one programme that runs tracks and video seamlessly and synced?

A show that has a fixed timeline, with events (songs, videos) that happen in sequence and need to be triggered together. Advice please!

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answered Nov 30 by eddyblackwell (290 points)
This is what I want, too!