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swirling noise from playback only after exporting mixdown to computor sounds fine when mixing from studio 1824C

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asked Nov 28, 2021 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by markwestbury1 (120 points)
when i mix a song on studio one 4 professional  it sounds great through my beyerdynamic headphones coming out of studio 1824c but after exporting the mixdown to my computor then playing it back and listening through the 1824c and my headphones or even the comptuor speakers there is a swirling high pitch distorion almost like a phaser effect , do i need to change my settings?  export mixdown set to  mp3 format ,constant bitrate is on ,bitrate is set to 64 kbps, the studio 1824c is set to 44.1 khz, 512 samples, drop out protecton is medium, process block size 512 samples ,process precision single 32 bit ,  im running window 10 pro  i7 quad core 2.70 ghz with 32 gigs of ram  1tb ssd hard drive

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