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Please allow us to lock the size of Folder Tracks

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asked Nov 30, 2021 in Editing by kisnou (4,120 points)


I would like to ask Presonus to possibly make some changes  to the folder tracks, allowing us to lock their size: when zooming in and (especially) out of projects, those folder tracks can get in the way and just take too much space in the arrangement.

If we could lock their size regardless of the zoom levels, I believe it would help a lot. I honestly keep having issues with folder tracks - they are very useful of course, but somehow the way they behave and look in the arrangement creates a sort of distraction while working. 

If you have any other ideas, please share them here so we can discuss about it and find the best solution. 

1 Answer

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answered Dec 3, 2021 by tothrec (32,250 points)
Yes, indeed!  If nothing else, default to a much smaller size.