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Make CMD + H hide Studio One when a plugin window is open (Mac OS)

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asked Dec 5, 2021 in Look and Feel by ben67 (2,210 points)
edited Dec 6, 2021 by ben67
Hi there, request updated based on updates below.

Studio One won't hide if you have a plugin window open. I don't know about Windows but hiding an app on Mac OS should show the desktop (it's one of the original reasons hide exists).

If people like the current 'half hide' when a plugin is open, that should become a new option because hide is supposed to do what it says... hide the app.

Cheers, Ben

2 Answers

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answered Dec 5, 2021 by ben67 (2,210 points)

Hide seems to be erratic so not sure if this a bug but sometimes CMD + H fully hides S1 and sometimes it doesn't.
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answered Dec 6, 2021 by ben67 (2,210 points)

OK, I think I've figured this out, hide doesn't work if a plugin window is open.

This may be intentional or a bug but either way, my vote is for S1 to honour explicit user instructions - i.e. if you tell S1 to hide, it should hide.