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Create playable tremolos in custom rules

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asked Dec 21, 2015 in Notion Feature Requests by phillipcartwright (730 points)
We currently can create playable half step and whole step trills in custom rules, but we also need the ability to create playable (not keyswitch or channel switch) trills and tremolos for single notes and intervals greater than a whole step.

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answered Dec 22, 2015 by AlexTinsley (924,290 points)
Thanks for the feature request Phillip.

If anyone else agrees, please vote this request up.
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answered Dec 27, 2018 by brucethompson (380 points)
Agreed - would be very useful especially with strings and pitched percussion (vibes/marimba/etc.).  Also to humanize tremolos and trills, a randomization control for individual note volumes would be welcome since those slight inconsistencies on any repeated note or note group would help remove that "machine gun" effect .  This is especially noticeable in a snare tremolo since the head is already vibrating when consecutive notes are played.
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answered Aug 31, 2020 by fernandomaia (1,640 points)
This feature request is absolutely necessary for a notation program, however, 5 years later...