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why did the pitch change

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asked Dec 26, 2021 in MyPreSonus Questions by todd.smith413 (130 points)
I opened a song file in studio one 5.0. I added an instrument track to test out EZ BASS. When I played the original track back, the pitch was higher than the audio recording. I deleted the EZ Bass track hoping it would revert back to the correct pitch. It did not. I closed the file and did not save the updated steps. I reopened the file and it still plays higher than the vocals and acoustic guitar I recorded. Can someone please help me understand what may have happened and how I can get my tracks back to the correct pitch? They were good recordings and I am really worried that they are ruined and not understanding why it happened means that it will most likely happen again. I am using a Mac book pro if that info helps at all.

Also, I made no adjustments to any sample rate or anything. Literally just did the steps listed above. Thank you for any help

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answered Dec 27, 2021 by autonickv (170 points)
I'm sorry I've searched for where and how to ask a question on this same subject.  I too have a similar problem - I have midi and audio in a project and today after rebooting my PC the song plays slower - all tracks (midi and audio) are both in sync but the song is slower even though the tempo is set at the original number.