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StudioOne 5 Playing Back Everything Faster & Higher-Pitched Than Recorded.

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asked Feb 21 in Studio One 5 by paulmersi (120 points)
Half-way through editing a recording, StudioOne 5's playback speed and pitch are noticeably higher than the original recording. Also, when I now open files that I recorded and edited last year, they too now playback at a higher speed/pitch (even though I have not touched those files for months).  Interestingly, when I export a mix-down and play that on another piece of software (iTunes) the speed, pitch, and song-length are all fine.   Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but I can't find any reference in the Q&A or the manual to playback speed.  Can anyone help steer me to the setting that I must have changed that is affecting all playback in Studio One 5 .

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