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StudioOne 5 Playing Back Everything Faster & Higher-Pitched Than Recorded.

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asked Feb 21, 2021 in Studio One 5 by paulmersi (150 points)
Half-way through editing a recording, StudioOne 5's playback speed and pitch are noticeably higher than the original recording. Also, when I now open files that I recorded and edited last year, they too now playback at a higher speed/pitch (even though I have not touched those files for months).  Interestingly, when I export a mix-down and play that on another piece of software (iTunes) the speed, pitch, and song-length are all fine.   Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but I can't find any reference in the Q&A or the manual to playback speed.  Can anyone help steer me to the setting that I must have changed that is affecting all playback in Studio One 5 .

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answered Apr 28, 2021 by johnmuzzio (180 points)
Having a similar issue with my 1824C. If I use a sample rate higher than 44.1KHz, the pitch of the instrument increases. The pitch increases as I increase the sample rate. Sent my unit in for repair, hope they sort it. If they give me answer to the issue, I will post it here.
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answered Dec 6, 2021 by kejaminmcdougal (190 points)
I am having the same issue. I record live, and then come home to listen to it and the pitch and speed of the recording is way faster. I am not sure what is causing this to happen need help!!!
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answered Dec 6, 2021 by kejaminmcdougal (190 points)
I found a post on this, I didn't change the song length from 5 mins the recording was like 1.2hrs. So, I will make sure to change the song length to 2hrs to make sure I am covered going forward
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answered Jan 2, 2022 by Inspydr (140 points)
I had the same problem.  The cause of the speed and pitch increase was the sample rate on my audio interface that changed from 44.1 to 48K automatically during a restart.  Here's the fix... 1). I shut down S1 and my interface control panel (Antelope Orion Studio HD), 2). restarted the interface control panel, 3). reset the sample rate to 44.1, then 4). opened Studio One.  It came up perfectly.  Hope this helps!