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Why is the record bar moving, but not picking sound up?

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asked Dec 28, 2021 in Studio One 5 by chadleighavery (120 points)
Hey there! For several months now, I have had this ongoing problem with not being able to record. I press the record button, and I AM able to hear myself, but when I start to record, the bar doesn't show soundwaves or pick up any sounds, whatsoever. It won't even pick up loud clapping. I've Googled and searched for hours and even tried uninstalling everything, factory resetting my computer, and then reinstalling. I'm thinking of just quitting; that's my luck. If you can help, please give me LINKS and DETAILED instructions. A video would also help. I have an AudioBox USB 96, PreSonus brand and use Studio One five. All updates complete. Thanks.

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answered Dec 29, 2021 by wesleypeterson (20,880 points)
You haven't given a lot of info to go off of. But if you can hear what you're doing but it's not recording, you might just be jumping over the step to arm the track you want to record to. So make sure you click on the individual track's record button before you click on the record in the playback area.
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answered Jan 1, 2022 by nataliedaniels3 (140 points)

I had this same issue when I first started using the same interface with Studio One 5 Artist. If you're on a Windows PC you'll need to install the Universal Control Center which installs the proper drivers for the AudioBox USB 96 from this link. After the install you'll need to restart your computer. When you run Studio One this time it should load the start page that has Artist Profile in the middle. Right under that block there should be a block that says Setup. You should now see an image of the AudioBox interface and under it it will say "AudioBox USB 96." My guess it you didn't have the drivers installed so it was treating it as an unknown interface and maybe defaulting to windows drivers. Should be good to go now if you've installed the Universal Control Center. Now when you choose "New Song" at the top try choosing "Empty Song" and then adding an instrument track if using a midi device or an audio track if using a mic like you mentioned and it's running through one of the Mic/Instrument inputs on the front of the AudioBox. When you speak/sing into the mic (or play the instrument) you should now see the level move on the right next to the track to show it's getting signal. Make sure the track is armed by pressing the record button on the track itself next to the track name (Track 1 for example) so that it turns red and you you should be able to both hear yourself and actually record audio when you use record button at the bottom of the window. Please don't quit! It's worth it after you work out the frustrating initial kinks! smiley