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AudioBox usb doesn't arm or enable record or sound

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asked Apr 26, 2020 in Studio One 4 by jabenger (130 points)
I have upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10.  I've installed the relevant (I think) software for 64 bit and reinstalled both studio one artist and universal.   When I select audio on new track set up it doesn't light up the record enable but monitor, solo and mute work.  Neither is any sound being registered in the tab although it comes through on headphones.
If I select instruments on new track, the record is enabled and the sound is being picked up but nothing happens when I actually record.
The inputs and outputs look ok on the surface but I'm obviously missing something
I'm not sure whether something has to be reset since changing software on my laptop.
Please HEE..LP !!

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answered Jan 18, 2021 by garychandler (140 points)
Studiolive AR8 USB: Waste of my money. If I download the w10 universal it will record but not playback. If i download the W7 universal it will play back but wont record. The record to SD card stopped working completely. You could not have made less user friendly system. NEVER BUYING YOUR PRODUCTS AGAIN!