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Audiobox USB not picking up sound from mic

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asked Jan 5, 2020 in AudioBox USB by johntheriac (120 points)
MacBook Air

Audiobox USB 96

macOS Catalina 10.15

Got everything installed, running Studio One 4 Artist, condenser mic is plugged in levels look good. Program is acknowledging that it's using Audiobox 96, it's clearly picking up various pips and pops from internet connection, etc. Everything appears to be working fine, except that the microphone itself is registering absolutely nothing.

It's possible this generation of MacBook has only USB 3.0 ports. If this is the case, could that be causing this problem? Will I need to purchase some kind of external port to run AudioBox? I am relatively new to this, and slightly baffled.


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answered Jan 5, 2020 by calvink (190 points)
I had a ton of trouble trying to use audiobox with my windows 10 pc before. The problem is that Audiobox requires as USB 2.0 Drive to function. Not only that but once you plug the audiobox into a 3.0 port it can become enumerated to a bad port and you need to uninstall the drives

I would say your options are probably to either

Find a different audio interface that is compatible with 3.0

Get a USB extender with 2.0 ports which might take up more space

Before you actually bother switching out any hardware,  I would suggest checking that the microphone isn't broken. You say it's picking up something from internet which I don't understand at all but if you need a recommendation for a different audio interface I'm using a Berhinger UMC202 which I switched to after having issues with audiobox. I would make sure that you're using a 2.0 via extender if you change anything.