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Studio One Logging in Failure Due to "failed to connect to server"

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asked Dec 28, 2021 in Studio One 5 by richardchan5 (120 points)
My Studio One is the latest version on Win10 system and my internet connection functions well. But something weird has happened as follows.

The main problem is that the Studio One cannot be connected to the server, which means I cannot log in to Studio One to check for the newest updates and subscribed news. While I can log in to my PreSonus Hub and Universal Control on the same computer. What's more, I can also log in to Studio One on another laptop which is connected to the same network.

So I'd like to look into the problem and turn for help from all of ya. Thanks.

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answered Dec 29, 2021 by wesleypeterson (20,870 points)
The first thing I would check if Windows Firewall is preventing S1 from connecting. Temporarily disable it by...pressing the windows key and type 'firewall'. Open 'Windows Defender Firewall'. On the left side click, 'Turn Windows Firewall On or Off'. Check the Bullet next to turn off for both Public and Private Networks, click OK. Now try Studio One again. If it works..fantastic. If not...****! Either way, go back and turn both Private and Public Firewall back on.

Now if it worked, while in Windows Defender Firewall, look to the left for 'Allow an App of Feature through Windows Defender Firewall'. Scroll down in allowed Apps and Features Window and look for Studio One 5. On Pro it's listed twice as 'Studio One 5' and 'Studio One 5 Plug-in Scanner. make sure both check boxes are checked for each. If you don't see them you'll have to add them with 'Allow Another App' button. Or you can use the 'Advanced Settings' on the same left pane as before and make sure S1 is not blocked for both Outbound and Inbound connections and if you don't see it. add it to both individually. Good luck.
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answered Dec 26, 2022 by bryanmiller5 (290 points)

Digging a little deeper on this, it appears that the version of TLS on Windows 7 is not compatible with the version that is expecting.  Or, rather, requiring.

For Windows 7 you will need to upgrade to TLS v1.2 as per this Knowledgebase article -