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AUTOMATION for the Saved Presets

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asked Dec 29, 2021 in Studio One 5 by sergeyleps (290 points)
Please create an AUTOMATION for the Saved Presets. I want to perform live and have my ready-made presets in the FX plugins automatically switch for each song. I know that you offer the "Show" function in the PROFESSIONAL S1 version. But I can't buy the Professional version. I have an Artist version, and I need to automatically switch the Presets I Saved for plugins such as Reverb / Hall / Room / Plate / Delley / Chorus. Controlling Time and Speed ​​+ tail length - I can automate this. But I CAN'T automate switching for Different Room types / Echo / Hall / Plate / Rever / different Chorus types and different Delley types. Professional plugins offer many options (types) of sound. I want to automate Switching my own Presets.
Please make this function. It will be Useful for all people who perform live and who can't afford to buy the Full version of S1 Professional.
Thank you. Let me know when this feature appears.
Happy New Year to you!

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answered Mar 22, 2023 by Michael1985 (12,910 points)
This would be very handy if we have automation events, because with the event borders you could define the area of the automation which should be saved. Also editing would be a breeze with automation events. Just drag&drop, duplicate and delete them with one click!