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Ripple edit push later events instead of splitting them and slipping earlier

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asked Jan 10 in Editing by jeffreyschmitt (1,560 points)

When recording a podcast it's common to pause and then start recording again; this results in several events on the same track as expected.

When ripple editing, if you push an event later, instead of pushing all later events on that track, S1 splits the next event and shifts it to the left. This creates a mess.  Of course, there are workaround list inserting silence, or bouncing everything together (and being careful with future edits) or selecting all events and pulling them to the right.  But really, ripple should move all later events (and also do that on all tracks but someone else has already requested that).

After sliding "Track 2(6)" to the right it splits "Track 2(7)" and shifts part of it to the left; here's a picture of the final result.

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