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Ripple Edit Mode Connected to markers

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asked Dec 22, 2018 in Recording by violetpow (1,100 points)
Recently I was recording a audio book and I did marker on faults during the recording. The problem was afterwards, when in ripple edit mode the faults are cutted out, the markers stay on the same position and more and more I cut out the markers lost the connection to the faults in the audio recording and I didn’t knew where they are.

It’s gonna be awesome if the markers are connected to the audio and move with the audio if you cut something out.

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answered Feb 5 by tothrec (21,660 points)
Totally agree!  I work on 60 minute audio plays with lots of scenes queue's and therefore Markers.

It's a lot of wasted time for me as I adjust the timing to have to remember to also adjust the Markers.