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Please add more mix export configuration possibilities

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asked Jan 11 in Mixing by marcotrosi (680 points)
edited Jan 12 by marcotrosi

Currently Studio One can only export the loop range and between various markers. I would like to have the following additional export options ...

  • first sample to last sample (non-zero samples)
  • start and end offset values e.g. start - 50ms, end + 2sec
  • setting the start and end types independently, e.g. from start marker to 2sec after last sample

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answered Jan 14 by stefanhein (160 points)
oh yeah! I´ll need that too! :)
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answered Jan 19 by pierricantoine (760 points)
if i may add:

When we want to export multiple tracks individually, all the exported file will have the duration of the longer track.

Can we add an option to export each track while maintaining their own duration ?

  (Very useful for exporting different parts of a podcast in one go, for example)