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The ability to make the Export Mixdown window disappear AND NOT open the file in Finder

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asked Feb 6 in Mixing by gregjohnson22 (260 points)
LOVING StudioOne, I'm coming from PT and it's been great. However, I primarily do voiceover, so I'm exporting tons of files every day, usually 2-5 at a time (more if I have a big job). When exporting a mixdown, the choices are:

1. Having the Export Mixdown window stay open after the file exports

2. Having the Export Mixdown window disappear, but having the file I just exported open in the finder.

Option 1 means I have to constantly close the export window when moving to the next file to export.

Option 2 means I end with a boatload of finder windows open at the end of a work day.

I could also export every file in batches based on markers, but that would mean that I need to make a marker for every single audition and job I record in my timeline, and when I'm exporting 2-5 files at a time every hour or so, always having to set a start-end marker on every single 15 second audition would throw a wrench into my workflow.

It would be nice to have the option to where the export window closes, and nothing else happens. The file is just on the system, that's it.

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answered Feb 25 by robcolling (1,150 points)
+1 for this. I'm a professional editor producing many exported tracks per day, and it's disruptive to my workflow (not to mention irritating!) to have to close a window every time I export. I can appreciate it's very useful to many users to have that Explorer window pop up, but for me it's an absolute nuisance. An option to have the Export Mixdown window simply close at the end of a render would save me a lot of time.