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Midi export, input gain, audio export and more

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asked Jun 21, 2022 in Editing by ucmrrkgo (310 points)
with each update, I expect the following: saving a preset for each new track by default (with inserts, input gain), a normal midi file export, and not like now, where every time you have to choose what I want to do MIDI export, and not what - something else there. Normal audio export!!! I don't want the window to close or open the folder where the audio material was saved! Why don't you think of sound designers saving hundreds of materials every day?! When will it be possible to save loops like in Ableton (render as loop)?!
I'm looking forward to the very day when I can completely move from Cubase, Reaper and Ableton to you, to your sequencer. Please consider my longstanding requests! I'm sure hundreds of users share this.

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answered Jun 21, 2022 by GTRtice (2,120 points)
My dude, your requests are reasonable, and I do agree, but I have to comment here and let you know that single posts with multiple feature requests are, in my experience, almost always ignored. You'll need to do an individual feature request for each of them. While the voting system here is insanely flawed and (unintentionally) stacked against users, sadly it's all we have to work with for the time being.