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External Power Option for Revelator io24

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asked Jan 14, 2022 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by jamescarpenter4 (210 points)
The Revelator io24 struggles to work properly when plugged into a passive USB hub. The ability to optionally use a power brick with it would be very helpful.

Even my Macbook Pro M1 max only has 3 type-c USB ports, which are is not really enough by the time all my various audio/video equipment is accounted for. When I tried routing the Revelator io24 through my Anker USB C Hub, the Revelator Io24 would often fail to start up correctly. It would sometimes work if I unplugged it from the hub, and then plugged it back into the hub.

After some experimentation, I was very successful using the powered USB-A hub in an old Dell Monitor I am using. I plugged the Revelator io24 into the powered hub in the monitor, and then plugged the monitor hub into the un-powered Anker USB hub.

Stand alone powered hubs are very expensive for what they are. In some scenarios it would be extremely helpful if the Revelator io24 supported an optional power brick, and could use the USB-C connection only for data. I would be fine if the power brick didn't even come with the unit, but could simply be added later if/when needed.

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answered Feb 3, 2022 by nickjenkins1 (180 points)
You may want to check the specs on the Anker USB C hub. From what I have seen, the USB C is for data only not to power devices.

I use a powered USB3 Anker hub and it works great with the Revelator io24.

Might want to get a USB A to USB C adapter and get a USB3 powered hub. Probably a cheaper route than a USBC powered hub/dock.