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Can you bring back the 3 virtual outputs as an 'advanced' or 'legacy' mode for the revelator io24

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asked Dec 8, 2021 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by mytgsubx (190 points)
As of firmware 1.17 for the revelator io24, the 3 virtual outputs have been replaced with 2 virtual outputs and a dedicated mic output, this was done in order to streamline the software however, I consider a loss of features and a major loss in privacy.

Instead of forcing users to have only 2 virtual outputs and one dedicated mic output, please give users the option to switch between the current "streamlined" mode, and the original "legacy" or "advanced" mode with 3 virtual outputs.
The dedicated mic output (Mic/Inst1/2) cannot be muted in my experience, which is a major problem if I need to talk with someone irl, and don't want my voice chat to hear.

(Yes I have tried resetting all my settings, No the global mute still does not affect the 'Mic/Inst1/2', only the 2 virtual outputs)

The advantage of having 3 virtual outputs (with one dedicated to just my mic) in the UC software instead was that I could use the mute sync function to mute everything at once using a tablet I had to my left.

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answered Mar 28, 2022 by christopherayala (370 points)
Yeah, I saw your comment on TheFullSetup's video discussing this firmware and I'm also a bit upset about that ProSonus decided to do this. Was contemplating on a refund, but not sure if any other alternatives to the io24 (DSP, virtual channels, stream mixes, etc.).