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Multiple Midi Inputs for Notion

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asked Jan 25, 2022 in Notion Feature Requests by Aaron Brown (320 points)
I'd like to use multiple midi inputs for Notion. Currently only one midi input is allowed, but 4 outputs are allowed.

I'd like 4 midi inputs to be safe, but at least 2. I often use 2 keyboards and other midi input devices and having it all hooked up would allow me to fluidly work without having to open up the dialog to switch inputs.

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answered Sep 25, 2022 by leedickholtz (1,440 points)
Divisimate is such a handy tool. When used with Studio One, or other DAWs, users can trigger up to 32 instruments simultaneously, with full control over transposing, and much more. Essentially, it's unusable with Notion, due to the Notion's inability to use multiple midi inputs.