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Multiple Channel Inputs for Recording Track

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asked Apr 25, 2022 in Recording by t.aigner88 (190 points)
edited Apr 25, 2022 by t.aigner88

In Reaper it is possible to record mutliple input channels to one single track (which can later be exploded into individual multi-channels). I could set the Input source for the armed track to: Analog Inputs 1-8.

This is fantastic for recording i.e. drums with multiple microphones:

I can record a drumset with 8 mics to one single channel, which would make it very easy to manage more than one layer / comp takes.

I hope I made my question clear, since english is not my first language. Love Studio One and the Sphere community, as well as the integration for the Faderport 16. If this feature would be possible in Studio One, everything would be perfect for my workflow! smiley

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