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How to adjust note volume (dynamics) on a midi import in Notion 6?

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asked Dec 26, 2022 in Notion by erin-toddhansen1 (120 points)
How does one adjust the volume of notes in Notion 6 from a midi import?  Adding the score dynamics to the page doesn't seem to alter the volume of the imported notion.  Nor does the Tweak Dynamics feature.  Given the great instrument library I'd like to adjust the volume in Notion, but can't seem to find a way or online resource that tells me how to do this.  But hoping that there is something I'm just missing.  Thank you!

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answered Feb 9, 2023 by rodneylawrie (140 points)
i use Notion 6 on a PC.

How to readjust a fadeout. I have downloaded a file that has an extensive fadeout that I wish to shorten or change entirely.

What process do I do to achieve this?


Rod Lawrie