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Notion - Resizable GUI and MENUS

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asked Jan 25, 2022 in Notion iOS Feature Requests by Aaron Brown (280 points)

Love Notion, but the size of things is a bit too small on the iPad 12.9 and now we have more real estate to use!

I'd like the menu to be able to be scaled to be larger so it's easier to tap the entry.

Being able to scale each part would be very helpful. The menus, buttons for fast entry with notes, and even the magnifying glass handwriting area aren't exactly how I'd like them. Optioins in the menu to resize 115, 125, 150%, 200% for menus and magnifying glass should help solve that. Perhaps even a magnifying glass mode that forces everything in the line to fit inside the box so it doesn't require two finger scrolling around to see it all?

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