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FR - StudioOne custom menu(context ones too) - multiple versions easily selectable in gui even

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asked Sep 14, 2019 in Look and Feel by Nip (3,100 points)
Having ability customize menu is highly desirable and I will try to explain why.
- I use maybe 20% of what is there - so much less that comes up opening a menu would really boost workflow
- some rightclick menues have many columns and sections and whatnot - takes time to look through every time
- some key commands are not in current menu structure at all
- an opening of menu could also be a reminder what key commands were

So first option is to strip down what is there - for me, at least.
But also some things I do use key commands for is missing.

So having one custom in preferences would really be nice - like you can choose various key command sets, kind of.
This is first level.
This below might be going overboard - but put the idea anyway.

But if to develop further - you could make sets available in gui as well - to easy select a menu for the purpose you are at lie
- tracking/recording
- editing
- mixing
You just name sets of menus as you find helpful - and swap what is available.

So to be able to customize a set of menues - meaning main menu, and the context sensitive right click menues - would really benefit workflow.
- so each context menu can have many versions, kind of.
- and main menu many versions too

If you can save each set of menu versions you made under a name that is helpful - and select in gui - you have ability to streamline workflow for the current spot in the process you are.

Thanks for voting. Be free to expand on this....

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