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Plugins GUI default to a screen and position

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asked Mar 31 in Look and Feel by dotcom12161984 (3,840 points)
I would like a second "Pin" option that solely pins a GUI to a certain place on a screen on top of the current pin option that does this but it makes you have to press the X next to it in order to close the GUI.  Example of what i want.. I open a plugin with a large resizable GUI and i make that GUI take up the entire screen, then i have a smaller GUI that's not resizable and i want to pin that to a position in the middle of the screen but i want two pin options 1 that pins that spot and another that pins it to stay on the screen separately because i want to go plugin to plugin but i want the GUIs to not move to the position of the last used plugin when i go track to track.  Maybe even an option to have the plugins that we pin to the screen be a track to track thing as well.  so if i highlight a track called vocal and i want to pin a pro eq and a compressor and a gate to my screen whenever i have that track selected i can see those things pop up automatically when that track is selected and i want them to pop where i pinned them to be on the screen with the second pin option.  While also keeping the current option to just pin them where they are and stay on the screen until i click the x as well.  that way i can quickly see what plugins i want visible on each currently selected track quickly.

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