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Stop open plugin windows from disappearing if Studio One Loses Focus?

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asked Jan 29 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by nk_e (1,240 points)
edited Jan 29 by nk_e
Hi. For as long as I can remember, if I have plugin windows open and I click on a non Studio One window or other open program, the plugin windows disappear and only the main Studio One window is visible. When I click back on Studio One, all of the plugin windows reappear.

I thought Studio One was opening and closing the plugin windows. I see now that when the Studio One app loses focus, the arrange window comes to the top level and covers everything.

The plugins disappearing makes dragging samples into a VST like Kontakt, Phase Plant, etc., very clumsy. For example, on a Mac, if I need to drag some samples into Phase Plant for instance, the current workaround is to 1) grab my samples, then 2) while holding the mouse down, I use CMD + TAB to make a list of open apps appear, then 3) while still holding down the CMD key, I use TAB to choose Studio One from the list (if it is not chosen already), then 4) release the CMD and TAB keys, and BOOM the plugin windows reappear. Then finally 5) I can drop my samples in.

Please make this stop. All of this can be avoided if the open plugin window(s) would stop disappearing. As more and more VSTs are allowing sample drag and drop, this will become a bigger and bigger annoyance.

Thank you for your time.

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