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Open new VST/Insert editor on Modifier+click (Auto Keep Editor Open)

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asked Feb 19, 2016 in Look and Feel by niles (54,610 points)
recategorized Apr 18, 2018 by niles

Currently you can open several VST editor windows side by side by enabling Keep Editor Open for VST X and open VST Y through the console. That's great!

However I would like to suggest a second option to open VST editor windows side by side, by opening a VST editor from the console while holding a modifier key (CTRL, ALT etc.).

So when I have VST X open and click VST Y in the console or on the tab in the VST editor window, while holding e.g. CTRL, VST Y will be opened in a new window, not affecting any other open windows (regardless the Keep Editor Open state of other windows).

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answered Feb 21, 2016 by patricemazmanian (5,240 points)
+1 It would be a great saving of time