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Update Macro Organizer (assign shortcuts in here)

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asked Jan 30, 2022 in Editing by dominikschiller (2,170 points)
edited Jan 30, 2022 by dominikschiller

Hi guys ;)

I would love to see the possibility to assign a shortcut in the macro organizer straight away. It is a bit tedious to go through the same procedure again and again (closing macro organizer, opening shortcut menu, looking for the specific macro.)

Furthermore, I would like the macro organizer to be more organized. Originally I used Nuendo. Building a macro is way more flexible and quick. 

For Studio this could mean to implement:

1) if arguments and states (to build more complex scenarios)

2) a dedicated execution section, where an action can be set and altered (even a row of actions

3) repeat value (for multiple executions; it is counterintuitive to add arguments multiple times)

Have a nice day folks ;)

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