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Presonus Quantum 2626 not recognised by universal control. Interface only shows a red light

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asked Jan 28, 2021 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by alastairwain (220 points)
I just bought a new laptop with thunderbolt 3 to run my quantum as my last device wasn't thunderbolt 3. I've got this interface and cable working on other machines however it will not work on my new laptop. I've updated all the correct drivers and the bios, however this changes nothing. Any help would be nice as I've spent over £2000 now to get this to work :/

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answered Jan 30, 2021 by josephrayle (290 points)
Apparently, and I'm no expert here, they are working on updating the Universal Control to work with M1 Macs.  I have had the exact same problem as you.  Evidently we've spent a great deal of money for the privilege of waiting on them to update this thing.  I'm given to understand that the ARM 64 architecture  is very different from the preceding Intel Macs, which is some reason for the delay.  It is incredibly frustrating.  I'm essentially cooling my heels while they get this done.  I may send my 2626 back and get something else.
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answered Aug 23, 2021 by manuelcantu (220 points)
A mi me funciono haciendo toda la instalacion en "modo seguro" (macmini 2018)