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Why does the Studio One program jump to the front when rendering Audio?

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asked Feb 24, 2022 in PreSonus Sphere by mark144 (130 points)
I'm not really sure the right way to ask this - It seems that any time Studio One is rendering audio (IE during a multiple track Transform to Rendered Audio), in between each track render, the programs priority on my desktop shifts to Studio one interrupting whatever it was that I was doing while studio one is processing a list of jobs.

Another way to put this is, say I select 5 tracks to Transform to rendered audio (which will take a few minutes), then while Studio one is crunching its numbers, I go to check my email, or go to my web browser.  Now, in between each track render, Studio one interrupts my viewing of my email (or any other program I might be using) - it steals the focus of what I am trying to do while Studio one is processing.  Sure, at the end of Studio ones processing, it finally shifts to whatever program I wanted to be using, but it just interrupted me numerous times...

I find this annoying, and unintuitive.  In any other program, when I select a different program, none of my other programs subvert my use simply because it is in between processes.  If I choose to look at my email while Studio One is processing, it should stay in the background until I have finished looking at my email.

Am I missing a setting/preference, or is this regular behavior?

I hope this makes sense.

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