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Eris-series E4.5_BT . There's no sound from one side.

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asked Feb 26, 2022 in Sceptre, Eris, R-Series by kyounghochoi (130 points)

Less than a year after I bought it,
Since last week,
There's no sound from the right side of the speaker.

Let's change the cable.
I changed the computer setup.
It doesn't change even if I change the chipset of the computer's main board.
For your information, I'm using 24c for audio interface.

by the way
If you connect your headphones and listen to the sound, there's nothing wrong.

I think one side of the speaker is broken.
I've never moved at all.
I've never shocked anyone.
Is there a solution?

thank you

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answered Jan 5, 2023 by thomasschnitzler1 (140 points)

i had the same problem last week with my E4.5, so i saw your question today here.

I guess you may have solved your problem or have purchased new speakers already, i wanted to tell you, that i have solved the problem by opening the main (left) speaker. I found that the white connector which is on the main board connencting it to the volume control of the speaker at the front, was bruised with some yellow, brown mass on it. I think it´s from the production process and has flown into the connections. After disconnecting, cleaning it and re-connecting, everything was fine and the left speaker got the signal again.