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"HIDE" and "HIDE DISABLED" Should to be toggles. (Large template hell!)

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asked Mar 2, 2022 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by justincrosby (1,900 points)

Hide, and Hide Disabled need to be toggles. Not only have I had issues with this, I've found a number of threads where this is asked, clearly indicating that unhiding a track via the Track List is inconvenient. 

USE CASE 1: Imagine the user has several hundred (or more) tracks in a session. In such a scenario you might as well need a cipher to hunt down the track in the Track List.

USE CASE 2: You submit a draft to a library, publisher, or client, but you've already hidden tracks that you previously thought, or were instructed were irrelevant. The publisher or client responds, asking you to bring back, and/or adjust the hidden element. (A real scenario I've encountered before, and in fact recently or I wouldn't be posting this)... 

PLEASE consider adding a way to implement Hide and Hide Disabled as toggles, not 'one way' shortcuts that require you to hunt for a hidden track in a potentially long list where things can be difficult to locate.

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answered Mar 9, 2022 by tothrec (31,840 points)
I'm guessing you don't know about the ability to search/filter tracks by name or partial name.

There is a Filter at the bottom of the Track list and another in the Console view.

That said, I don't know of a way to quickly un-hide all of my tracks.  I've got about 70 in my current project so have to drag a page.  Scroll, drag a page, etc. to get them all unhidden (if you don't unhide them, things like Shift Alt End (Edit - Select from event to End) will ignore them.

Cakewalk has a good Track Manager that lets you (with button choices) hide/unhide by type, status, etc.  (Audio, MIDI) and I do miss it from time to time.

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