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How do I undo when using plugins in Notion?

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asked Nov 25, 2019 in Notion by walterpaganini1 (510 points)

Hi everyone,

I tried using FL Studio as a VSTi in Notion 6. Apparently, FL Studio comes with a plugin version of the whole DAW (which is pretty awesome by the way) so I thought I could use Notion to compose my music while managing instruments, effects and (especially) automations in FL Studio.

Everything seems to works fine, except for one thing: whenever I try to undo an action in FL Studio using the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Z in Windows, so to speak) the undo affects Notion instead of FL Studio. Naturally, if I use FL Studio's dropdown menus to undo, the undo works just fine.

Since I'm using FL Studio as a plugin, I guess the issue is that Notion doesn't allow you to use keyboard shortcuts in any VST or VSTi plugin even tho the plugin window has the focus?

Am I missing something? is there a workaround for this issue or should I file a bug report?

I tried using ReWire to sync Notion and FL Studio instead, but it seems like Notion has some issues when looping sections of music via ReWire, so it's not really a solution (see my other question).

If it can be of any help, I'm a Windows 10 user and my exact Notion version is 6.5.470.

Thanks in advance,

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