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Universal Control won't store my mixer settings

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asked Apr 12, 2016 in FireStudio Series by chrisstone2 (160 points)
Hi all, been using my FireStudio Mobile a few days now but this is really bugging me - why won't Universal Control remember my mixer settings? I have it set to load on startup, which is ok as that's what it does (pretty much as soon as you see the Windows screen), but I have to keep loading my saved mixer set otherwise all my pans are set to centre, rather than full left/right, etc. This is a flaw, as if I record into the unit without remembering to load my saved set then I won't get the recording I'm after! Or is this really just an oversight on Presonus' part?

System specs as follows:

ASUS Z170-P D3, Intel i5 6600K, 16GB RAM, SSD & Hybrid HDD, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

Firewire card specs: PCIE interface, Vendor - (1106) VIA Technologies, Chipset - (3403) VT6315/VT6330. Shows as compatible with OHCI tool.

Presonus specs: FireStudio Mobile - driver version 5486, Universal Control 1.72

1 Answer

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answered Apr 17, 2016 by chrisstone2 (160 points)
Hi, I found the solution to this - simply uninstall the Universal Control 1.72 drivers and install 1.71 instead. The mixer settings are ready when you boot-up (and you don't even have to click the button to change from DAW output routing to mixer!)