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Add a user channel layout option to Universal Control.

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asked Mar 22, 2022 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by firstassembly1 (870 points)
I use the user layout on my 64s normally, and I put the things I need to see/adjust on the user layout that would normally be on the last page like the fx faders and aux inputs. When I have to use uc surface to mix, it is not laid out well to adjust things quickly and it would be extremely helpful if there was a user layout button to reorder the channels in uc surface

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answered Apr 5, 2022 by sheriwright (160 points)
I second this request!
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answered May 17, 2022 by robanderson5 (170 points)
I recently purchased StudioLive 32r believing it could do cannot! I have a Soundcraft rack mixer, which has the ability to arrange the channels, effects, subs, etc.. in any order I want to see them. And can has several presets to do different versions for different viewing. It was the reason I selected the mixer at the time.

This and the ability to play mp3 music files from the SD card or from a USB port would be swell.
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answered Jun 29, 2022 by lccpffnk (390 points)
Yes please. The dca filter groups works ok for this but it adds a dca master channel and i have on numerous occasion selected the mute button on that fader by mistake,muting my whole mix to much embaresment. This is a MUST for me since i mix a LOT of bands with different channel requirements per gig.