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Road to perfect DAW

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asked Mar 25, 2022 in Studio One 5 by shahabteymournezhad (180 points)
1: Complete the score view - easy add bar lines and better converting of tuplets from midi inputs.

2: Complete the video support - a feature rich video track is the most missed part in studio one.

3: Better support of outputs from plugins (for example if i change the name of an Kontakt output it auto changes in Cubase)

4: Better coloring options (like ability to control saturation and brightness of colored faders and tracks)

5: Time Base drags are not convenient (when Pushing alt and drag many times have to re do)

6: better use of additional midi devices capabilities (I know about fader port but still)

I know there are separate requests, but I wanted to say it all. I think with these 6 Studio one would be the top DAW for years. (Your sound variations is the best - your drum maps Is the best - your chord track is the best - your scale and chord recognition algorithms are the best - Your audio management so .. like Isaid)

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